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Palma Beach Resort project was established in 1979, long before the coast of North Lebanon witnessed the spree of maritime touristic resorts that now cover the seashore.

Standing against all negative events that marked this era, Palma Beach project actually started in 1982 in an effort to provide a stream of hope and aspiration for more joyful moments in dark days & to create one of the most vital touristic attractions in North Lebanon.

Not so long after, Palma Beach Resort became the focus of many celebrations & business meetings while the edifice in itself grew bigger to a variety of chalets of all sizes & incorporated high standard Olympic swimming pools, playgrounds, ballrooms, restaurants & attracted many business & development fairs.

Palma hosted many famous International & Arab singers to make a yearly festival thus encouraging the flourishing tourism in North Lebanon. Three decades later, Palma resort remains the most prominent, popular & successful resorts of its kind along the Northern seashore, availing of an actively attentive & high-standards demanding management.